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    2013-10-19 9:34:06


    Protection: work is work for the same tooling work environment, how to maintain the operating personnel body against harmful factors in working environment damage, improve and improve work efficiency, to ensure that accurate, complete, and efficient workers end tasks, the same industry clothing function protection for the same.


    The oil industry of clothing should have anti oil, waterproof, moisture-proof, and acid-base, breathable warmth, convenient characteristic; chemical action clothing should be with anti acid and alkali, high temperature resistant, thermal radiation, flame retardant and the ventilation function; mining personnel dress to cold, warm light, dust, strong, with bright color, work clothing is required; coal dust, electrostatic, non stick dust, keep warm, easy to wash and dry weight, and personal letter to activities; metallurgical work clothing insulation, ventilation function should be soft, lightweight; nuclear industry installed anti radiation, anti high temperature is comfortable; the health care industry clothing with bacteria, washing resistance, resistance to temperature disinfection, soft, fitness function; electronic industry take opposing electrostatic, anti microwave request very high.


    And as the daily life of electrical work clothes, must be insulated, waterproof, prevent lumbar muscle strain and equipment climbing belt; fire fighters to "fire insulation smoldering heavily armed" service to deepen the flames; try by hook to look for sth. spacesuit, diving suit in addition to cold, heat preservation, controlling pressure, also need specialized equipment, oxygen for celebration system; security escort of bulletproof clothing to resist the assault grenades.


    As the competition with the work of sportswear, also put forward the special request of protective gloves and maintenance; boxers competed on both sides; orange vest rowing athletes can let the fish in awe; special for bicycle service description of the crotch, add a soft sponge, in order to prevent athletes friction damage; all kinds of competition for athletes the kneepad, helmets, belts, gloves, shoes can prevent and reduce the movement process and damage environment. Protection goal targeted, professional, unique strong.


    Paint protective by working with face fear material, parts, accessories, color composition. Such as work clothes made according to the general working conditions, good "four strict" mark: Yan, Yan, hem cuff neckline and cuffs Yan Yan all pocket styling to cut operation hook around pull mix as the criterion.


    Describe the reasonable protection, can maximum limit reduce trouble seizures and associated injury, prevent the clothing all the unreasonable layout of color equipment unreasonable protection described conditions.


    When working with all kinds of skin underwear hinder often have a causal relationship, therefore, in a broad sense, many protective body now with protection, are as follows: internal protection, through direct and protective skin touch the door, namely clothing; the outer layer of the protective measures; soft protection, protection of psychological, the color style selection, the severity of cold and warm color, location and operating environment of style harmony; hard protection, refers to the important protection serious endanger human security, such as a space suit in suit, high-altitude flying objects cold proof clothing, such protection and can not be separated from the weak protection, of comparatively small; protection, protection of common between the static and the skin is easy to be ignored.


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